13th Doctor

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Viva Las Broadchurch
Rose Tyler is the daughter of arcade boss Pete Tyler in the seaside town of Broadchurch. Rose is in danger when Jack Harkness, Pete`s arcade rival goes after her to get in on his plans for the town after DI Alec Hardy arrives and falls in love with Rose. Harkness`s plan is going sour so he makes one last desperate attempt to get to Pete and is planning to get Hardy out of his way.
Trouble in Paradise
Rose Tyler has moved to the Caribbean Island of St Marie after her stepfather persuaded the commissioner to take her on as a trainee police officer. She is there six months before the DI is murdered and Alec Hardy, being on medical leave after solving the Broadchurch murder is sent to solve it. What can possibly go wrong? Based on Death in Paradise
Rose and the stranded Timelord
The 10th Doctor had been investigating some disappearances in a deserted house when the weeping angels sneak up on him and zap him into the past – New Years Day 2005 to be exact and the only way to get back is to convince his predecessor and Rose Tyler who he is, once Rose has actually met him, well the ninth him. He is feeling guilty about Martha but Rose is too important to him.




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